Shop Support

Shop Support
Job Description-
Support Role for Production Personnel. Flexible person willing to do whatever needs to be done to achieve the goal of making quality parts to meet the schedule that has been committed to.. Taking Pride in keeping the Machine Shop and clean and organized. Team player.
Duties to include:
Cleaning and Maintenance of Shop and Equipment
o Maintain CNC machines, Clean Machines and Change coolant as required in CNC Machines.
o Maintain coolant levels adding coolant, water and way oil as needed based on refractometer for specific material being run.
o Wipe CNC Machines and walls down to keep shop tidy, clean and organized.
o Emptying trash cans and containers in shop.
o Mop shop as assigned
o Clean and Organize shed and back area keeping it free from metal chips.
o Part Tumbler for Deburr- Clean inside and outside.
o Light industrial maintenance.
o Follow all safety procedures.
Technical Skill Required.
o CNC Saw operation and maintenance, including following work instructions to cut material to proper length. Get Traveler signed off by designated person before proceeding with cutting to length.
o Deburr parts carefully and as assigned.
o Update running quantity of parts in system that have been sawed
o Miscellaneous tasks as assigned.
Takes Direction From:
Quality Department
o Must be punctual
o Must be able to lift 50 lbs
o Must pass drug and criminal background screening

Don't Be Fooled

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