Shipping Specialist

JOB CLASSIFICATION: Fulltime Regular/Non-Exempt
SUPERVISOR: Shipping Manager
General Responsibilities:
Print, assemble, package and inspect workshop materials for shipment.
Read orders and complete shipping labels for shipments.
Provide estimates of shipping costs.
Communicate with requestors to confirm items and addresses of requests.
Examine and report defective materials or questionable conditions to the department supervisor.
Maintain adequate supply of shipping materials on hand at all times in a neat and orderly fashion. Communicate needed materials to department supervisor for approval.
Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follow prescribed safety regulations.
Keep accurate materials inventory.
Make arrangements for pick-up by the carrier specified on the customer's purchase order which is conveyed to the shipping clerk by final inspection via the shipping instructions.
Provide office maintenance including but not limited to setting up chairs and tables, moving furniture, carrying boxes, filling printers with paper, and other duties as assigned by supervisor.
Education and
Minimum of a high school education.
Required to read and write English, follow verbal instructions and use simple math.
Must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.
Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Interact well with all levels of an organization. Professional with communication. Appearance should be clean and neat.
Computer skills including Word and Excel.
Has attention to detail and thoroughness.
Ability to perform but not limited to the following tasks, be familiar with and able to interpret packing slips, computer data entry, acknowledges receipt of goods into database.
Must be familiar with proper packaging methods and able to interpret visual aids used to convey specific packaging requirements.
Experience with UPS/FEDEX online software is desirable.
Physical Demands:
Required to lift up to 30 lbs.
Regularly required to sit, stand, bend, reach and move about the facility.
Work Environment:
Work performed in an office environment.

Don't Be Fooled

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