Human Resource Leader-Temecula, CA

Company Name:
J.C. Penney
Human Resource Leader

Achieve profitable sales growth by leading and engaging store teams and executing the talent acquisition process, selling floor scheduling, associate development, and overall store engagement initiatives

REPORTS TO: Store Leader
KEY PARTNERSHIPS: Sales Leader, Merchandise Operations Leader

o TeamTraining andDevelopment
- Partners with the store leadership team to ensure all leaders and supervisors are consistently using the Coaching for Growth model
- Actively walks the floor and coaches in the moment to enhance each leader's and supervisor's ability to execute and develop their own respective teams
- Maintains notes / observations of each direct report's strengths and opportunities
- Thoroughly prepares and frequently conducts coaching conversations with associates
- Takes immediate action on performance issues within the team
- Plans, coordinates and delivers store training programs to associates, partnering with the HR Supervisor to review progress for company and/or role-specific on-boarding and training
o TalentAcquisitionProcess
- Sources and screens talent and proactively partners with the store leadership team to deliver consistent and effective hiring processes
- Partners with the leadership team and Store Leader to succession plan for current team.
o Scheduling of Sell Floor Resources
- Schedules sell floor resources to achieve expense / profit targets and effectively deliver exceptional service, frequently partnering with the HR Supervisor
o SalonBusiness
- Leads and engage Salon and associates to deliver on all customer service, sales and profit metrics
- Reviews sales and expense reports to quickly identify and prioritize areas of opportunity, determines root cause of the opportunity, and sets team direction
to maximize sales and / or team performance
o StoreCulture
- Partners with the store leadership team to address associate relations, engagement, recognition and inclusion activities in the store that enable each
associate to deliver an exceptional customer experience
o PerformanceStandards
- Consistently meets established performance standards for the role, including (but not limited to) product and service sales, customer service, profit,
productivity, and attendance
oCharacter - Is authentic, transparent, fair and honest in interactions with others; keeps confidences; does not misrepresent self for personal gain oCompetence - Is skilled and has the experience required to do their job; understands and keeps up-to-date on competitive practices, market and
industry trends, information and technology affecting their business and uses this knowledge to make effective decisions
oCourage - Will stand up and do what's right for the business and team even if the decision is not popular; will act in accordance with beliefs despite
oService-Oriented - Gives full attention and consideration to the needs of others/customers, listens well and seeks to understand another point of view to
help find the best solution or outcome; communicates clearly and effectively; provides helpful assistance to others/customers
oCooperates - Actively participates on the team by sharing information; has positive attitude and is open to new and different ideas; works productively
with teams, seeks win/win solutions, puts the priorities and needs of the larger organization ahead of individual needs
oBuilds Relationships - Develops and fosters positive relationships with others over time; shows appreciation, support and respect for different styles,
backgrounds, perspectives and needs
oThinks Critically - Interprets and processes information and ideas using logic and reason; develops sound conclusions based on evidence and data oTakes Initiative - Shows interest and takes action without being prompted; is motivated and resourceful in achieving successful results in a timely
oSolves Problems - Uses information, experience and knowledge to develop quality answers and plans to challenges and issues; actively looks for ways to
help satisfy needs; is a continuous learner and pursues a high standard of performance
oOrganization / Time Management - Plans and structures work; prioritizes tasks based on impact to sales, profit or customer experience; executes tasks in an efficient manner
oPassion for Retail - Genuinely loves working in a retail environment
oPassion for People - Genuinely loves working with, helping and developing others
oStrategic Vision - Sets a purpose and outlines a future path for the team, unit or organization; provides clear expectations and shares rationale behind decisions that are made; identifies strategies, approaches and objectives to achieve the vision
oEarns Respect - Creates an environment of fairness and honesty, is humble and generous toward others; consistent contact and communication with the team, is visible and present; is reliable and removes barriers and secures resources to help the team accomplish goals
oPractices Candor - Tells it like it is, is frank and sincere in communications; is an approachable and unguarded leader; shares honest and constructive feedback with team, freely admits own mistakes
oDevelops Talent - Builds a diverse and high performing team; differentiates performance based on individual associate successes and developmental opportunities; coaches and provides insights, feedback and stretch assignments to grow and improve talent; empowers team by delegating decision- making where possible to build skill and increase engagement; recognizes and rewards associates for outstanding effort; shows they care about their associates by discussing future opportunities and development

Don't Be Fooled

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